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Thursday, March 30, 2006

AKI From FINAL FANTASY ( The Spirits within )

This is 'AKI' the female character from the movie 'Final Fantasy'. The movie is 100% computer graphics and all the characters are virtually photo-realistic. The movie is a science fiction set in the future. The effects are amazing, the first time I watched it I could not switch it off! -

The whole effect is quite mesmerising as your brain tries to get to grips with the fact that what you are watching is not real. After about half an hour I actually forgot that the images I was watching were fake computer generated images, and really got into the story.
For the rest of the movie my brain was switching in and out of the fact that it was not real.

If you have not seen the movie then please do! It is a modern day classic!

Check out the link below for a trailer.

Here is the plot of the movie.


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