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This Blog is intended to showcase 'Virtual Women'. 'Virtual Women' are female characters created by modern day computer graphics. They do not exist in real life and are merely a product of a programmer's imagination! Feel free to add links or information about Virtual Women and enjoy browsing the recommended sites.

Friday, March 24, 2006


With the release of the new XBOX 360, an old favourite virtual woman is making a comeback!

Lara Croft is to reappear in the latest 'Tombraider' game, 'Legend'.

Lara Croft's search for a South American relic changes course dramatically when she meets a dangerous figure from her past. She finds herself in a race to recover one of history's most famous artifacts!

A few years ago I started to play Tombraider both on my PC & my XBOX. I soon came to respect Lara Croft as she was brave, agile, adventurous and athletic. After clocking the game I would still play just for the pleasure of watching Lara perform for me. When she landed on her feet from a long drop she would whimper or grunt a little. It was this feedback which spurned me on to make her do more & more dangerous moves such as a reverse back flip between two platforms hundreds of feet above the ground!

I look forward to meeting up with her again in the near future! <<< Check out this excellent website!


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