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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Japanese CGI's

CGI, if you were unaware, stands for Computer Generated Image. With the rapid increases in processing power of the humble PC , designers are no longer restricted to what they can create in the way of computer 'art'.

Naturally, some of this 'art', will contain images of women as it has for thousands of years.

This new site that I have stumbled upon whilst viewing 'youtube' caters for those people that like to gaze upon the female form, in particular, Asian models dressed in skimpy little outfits!

The site is a paysite called "metadoll". I have no interest in spending my hard earned cash on joining these 'softcore' sites but I am usually pleasently surprised by the availability of guest downloads which cost nothing but give the viewer a taste of what is available to a fully paid up member. Metadoll is one such site.

If you use the links below you will be able to download some sample clips and images of the type of 'artwork' which they offer.

Worth a look!

The first two links are 'Youtube' clips of two of Metadoll's female models.

This second link will take you to their site. ( I suggest 'Right-click' and choose 'Open in new window' , then you can come back here easily when you get bored! )

You will need 'Shockwave Player ' to view the movie clips this is available here: - ( use internet explorer to open the files. )
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