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Thursday, November 30, 2006

XBOX 360 - Virtual Women Wrestlers! - Phew!

I was most intrigued
to hear of a new
XBOX 360
game called

"Rumble Roses XX".

I was informed by my adolescent son that it was worth a look. It features beautiful women dressed in skimpy outfits, wrestling with each other!

I thought I had better carry out some research for this blog and so I 'googled' it.

I was most impressed when I first saw some screenshots of the game. It features some of the most beautiful 'Virtual Women' that I have ever seen in any video game!

The female wrestlers are all extremely good looking and have well endowed bodies. It's as if the game developers have managed to get all the best bits of all the women in the world and have then combined them to create perfect fantasy women.

You can pick your character and dress them up in your choice of clothing.

It gets better!..........

You can also customise your character by adjusting here muscle mass, hip, waist and , get a load of this!, her bust size!!

Now tell me honestly - who isn't going to try out 100% breast size?!!

This will definately be on my Christmas wish-list!
I reckon these girls are going to obtain celebrity status by early next year and will probably rival 'Britney Spears' and 'Paris Hilton' for ass kickin' search string stats!

Here are some links to some screenshots and a video clip: <- Video Clip


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