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This Blog is intended to showcase 'Virtual Women'. 'Virtual Women' are female characters created by modern day computer graphics. They do not exist in real life and are merely a product of a programmer's imagination! Feel free to add links or information about Virtual Women and enjoy browsing the recommended sites.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Why is it so?.............

So,....the burning question is.....Why do humans, men specifically, enjoy looking at these images of women? We are not talking oil paintings by grand masters of real women from a distant era. We are talking 'Virtual women' , images of women that don't exist!

These women are not women at all, they are just a jumble of data in some computer language and are designed by programmers to represent their idea of an ideal woman. The computer creates the image by merging millions of pixels into a three-dimensional model (No pun intended!).

Does such a woman exist in real life? - If so who and where is she!!! - And is there one ideal computer generated woman that is better looking than any other?

Surely men look for the same things in an ideal woman. Would it not therefore be fair to suggest that it should be possible to create a 3D model which would appeal to all men?



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